Thyme Bomb Crawling Insect Killer - The Green Insecticide

Safety Data

EPA Exempted Product - Minimum Risk Pesticide

Thyme Bomb contains only active ingredients outlined in FIFRA 40 CFR 152.25(g) ("The 25b List") and inert ingredients currently identified on Federal Register Notice 59 FR 49400 ("The 4A List"). The EPA has determined the ingredients used in Thyme Bomb do not pose any risk to humans or the environment.

Our Promise To Human Health and a Better Environment

Momar EnviropactThe Momar EnviroPact program promotes the integration of cleaner, cheaper, and smarter chemical solutions. Enviropact products meet or exceed the highest environmental standards.

Thyme Bomb bears the EnviroPact logo because it has been formulated with great consideration for human health and environmental effects. All regulatory agencies agree that pollution prevention — the reduction or elimination of pollution at the source — is given preference to recycling, treatment, or disposal. Therefore, Thyme Bomb is formulated with:

  • No toxic pesticides
  • No synthetic perfumes
  • No butyl, citrus, or terpene solvents
  • No chlorinated solvents
  • No phosphates or phenol compounds
  • No EDTA, APE, or NPE compounds
  • No Chlorine or Ammonia
  • No SARA Title III, Section 313 reportables
  • No HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants)
  • No ODCs (Ozone Depleting Compounds)
  • No PROP 65 ingredients
  • No skin sensitizing ingredients

Safer/Less Toxic:

In the US, the EPA specifies that standard toxicity testing be undertaken in order that the EPA can ensure that appropriate labeling is used to guide end users' use of potentially toxic insecticides. The specified toxicity tests consist of six standard tests and cover doses of the product required to induce toxicity. These tests are collectively referred to as "six-pack" tests:

  • acute oral toxicity
  • acute dermal toxicity
  • acute inhalation toxicity
  • eye irritation
  • dermal irritation
  • skin sensitization

These results determine the level of warning labeling, first aid statements, and handling/ use requirements and restrictions (such as the requirement to be a licensed user). The degree of toxicity observed in each test is categorized from I (most toxic) to IV (least toxic). Thyme Bomb falls into category IV in all 6 tests. Therefore, Thyme Bomb has an excellent safety profile, which requires no safety labeling, and users do not need to be licensed. Unlike synthetic chemical insecticides, Thyme Bomb is safer for regular use in places of high human exposure including heavily trafficked public spaces as well as food preparation and storage areas. Thyme Bomb can be used while people carry on their day-to-day activities, eliminating the need for quarantine or evacuation that is required with many chemical pesticides.

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