Thyme Bomb Crawling Insect Killer - The Green Insecticide

How It Works

The Thyme Bomb Mechanism:

The Thyme Bomb Mechanism

For nearly half a century synthetic chemical pesticides have been the primary means for control of insects. However, these products are often compromised by the development of insect resistance, environmental concerns, and adverse health effects in humans and animals. Thyme Bomb is designed to overcome these issues. The technology in Thyme Bomb is aimed at the molecular targets required for insect behavior and survival. Compounds in Thyme Bomb bind to the receptors on these targets triggering a cascade-like chain reaction within the insect that results in the repelling or killing of that insect. These chemo-receptor targets are not found in animals and humans, which provides Thyme Bomb with a unique safety profile unmatched by any synthetic chemical pesticide. And because the efficacy of Thyme Bomb relies on the targeting of multiple receptors, there is a marked reduction in the risk of resistance development by the targeted insects.

Sustainable Chemistry, Renewable Resources:

Plant essential oils are the principle source of the natural materials in Thyme Bomb. These naturally occurring oils are chemicals which have evolved for plant defense against invertebrate attackers, and act as insecticides or repellents. Essential oils comprise the volatile compounds contained in the odorous parts of plants and are normally prepared by steam distillation. Examples of these oils include rosemary oil, citrus oi,l and thyme oil and are contained in flowers, roots, bark, stems, leaves, fruits, and seeds. These resources are renewable, and the chemistry is sustainable.

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